Smart Retail

AI can help retailer

  • 1.To make more faster and accurate decision in selling, marketing, inventory management, cash management etc
  • 2.To optimize and accurate planning of workforce in different operations like cash management, in-store replenishment, fulfilment
  • 3.To optimization supply chain to reduce wastage, reduce loss of sale due to stock-out etc
  • 4.To offer greater customer experience resulting greater customer royalty and sales
  • 5.To reduce looses by preventing in-store theft and fraud by customers and employees
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    In-store Promotion

    AI driven technology like face recognition, age/ gender determination, in-store behavior can help retail companies to drive targeted and personalized promotion as per customer’s demographic profile, his preferences of merchandises, time to compare among products

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    Virtual Fitting Rooms

    Virtual fitting rooms can be developed and offered to customers with the help of AI driven technology. This can help retailer to reduce queues for real fitting room, offer merchandises which are not available in-store etc. It can even be used by online retailers to enhance customer experience before purchase of products and reduce return rate

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    Cashier Less Store

    AI can enable vision cameras to identify each customer separately, identify the items they have taken in the cart and generates bill automatically. Unique customer identification can be done by face recognition and identification of products taken in the cart can be done by gesture recognition

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    Tracking Customer Satisfaction

    AI can help factory management to ensure compliance in terms of workers taking required safety attire at shop floor, maintaining required distance from each other and also from the machinery, unsafe position of workers w.r.t. the moving vehicles etc

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    Theft and Fraud Protection

    AI can be used to automatically identifying theft from the stores, detecting suspicious movements, identifying repetitive offenders in retail stores. AI can be also used to identify abnormal POS transactions like missing of scanning of a product, unauthorized give-away of merchandise, switching of products during scanning etc.

AlphaIC’s Gluon IC can help surveillance equipment companies to have these applications at real time at low power.