Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is bringing starting developments in surveillance industry. AI surveillance technology is spreading across globally at a very fast rate. Automatic detection and prediction of high-risk incidence is the major driving factor for fast adoption of artificial intelligence in Surveillance products.AI helps to

  • 1. Monitor an area in real time to detect security incidences. For examples AI can be used to detect bags which is unattended for

    long time, to identify risky driving behaviour etca

  • 2. Provide advanced and accurate methods like face recognition, object recognition, event recognition
  • 3. Ensure the accuracy of security incidence detection does not decrease significantly even for low resolution surveillance camera
  • 4. Create more detailed and analysed inferences from feed of multiple cameras thereby increasing quality of alarms and notifications
  • 5. Automate security systems, and processes thereby authorities can be notified without losing precious time
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    Face Recognition

    AI can help system to automatically identify people by face recognition. Advanced technology can recognize faces even from angle or even when partially covered. It can be used in crowded places, retail shops etc areas

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    Vehicle Recognition, Speed Determination

    AI can help to identify and categorize vehicles on road, calculate their speed, identify dangerous driving etc. This can used in busy crossing areas, toll plazas, automatic speed limit enforcement system

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    Behavioural analytics

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) can auto-detect and classify abnormal behaviour in complex environments such as schools, train station, airport, and mall. AI security detects and notifies authorities of any abnormal behaviour. Behaviour analytics also minimizes wasteful rule-based notifications and provides high degree of safety without any inconvenience.

AlphaIC’s Gluon IC can help surveillance equipment companies to have these applications at real time at low power.