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AI can provide the retail industry with a much-needed upgrade and help retailers.

In-store Promotion

AI-driven technology like face recognition and age/ gender determination can help retail companies drive targeted and personalized promotion per the customer’s demographic profile and preferences, which saves them time comparing products.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

Virtual fitting rooms can be developed and offered to customers with the help of AI-driven technology. This can help retailers reduce queues for actual fitting rooms, offer merchandise that is not available in-store, etc. Online retailers can even use it to enhance customer experience before purchasing products and reduce the return rate.

Cashier-less Store

AI can enable vision cameras to identify each customer separately, place the items they have taken in the cart and generate bills automatically. Unique customer identification can be made by face recognition, and products carried in the cart can be made by gesture recognition.

Tracking Customer Satisfaction

AI can help track customer satisfaction by scanning their facial expressions and determining their mood. Using AI to do so will decrease manual surveys which are inefficient and not always accurate.

Theft and Fraud Protection

AI can automatically identify theft, detect suspicious movements, and identify repetitive offenders in retail stores. AI can also identify abnormal POS transactions like missing or scanning a product, unauthorized give-away of merchandise, switching of products during scanning, etc