Advancement of Automotive Technology and continuous increase of electronics components in vehicle has resulted in creation of huge amount of data inside vehicles. Edge computing can help Automotive OEMs and Aftermarket solution providers analyse these data on real time basis and provide valuable solutions to the customers like

  • 1. Increase safety of the drivers and passengers
  • 2. Enhancing user experiences in the vehicles
  • 3. Prevention of theft and un-authorized access of the vehicles
  • 4. Providing better preventive maintenance for the vehicless
  • 5. Providing targeted and customized insurance offerings
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    Driver Monitoring System

    AI enabled vision system can continuously monitor driver’s behaviour inside vehicles and creates alerts if any unsafe behaviour is detected. AI can help to detect drowsiness/ fatigue (yanking, constant blinking) in driver, distraction of the driver during driving, doing unwanted activities like talking/ texting in mobile phones, eating/ drinking during driving etc. The solution can automatically generate real time alerts to the driver as well as activate semi-autonomous vehicle handoff

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    Advanced Driving Assistance System

    AI can help driver to have hassle free and safe driving by analysing presence and speed of surrounding vehicles, detecting pedestrians and other objects in the vehicle path, information on blind spot, detecting risky lane deviation, providing parking assistance, alerting for possible collision incidences etc

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    Prevention of Theft and Un-authorized Vehicle Access

    Advanced technologies like face recognition, finger print detection etc can eliminate unauthorized access of vehicles. These not only prevent theft of vehicle but also can provide greater flexibility to new business applications like car sharing. This can also help insurance companies ensure higher compliance to policy terms and reduction of fraudulent claims

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    Autonomous Vehicles

    The need of real time response w.r.t. the presence, location and speed of surrounding vehicles, pedestrian and other objects has necessitated usage of Edge AI in Autonomous vehicles. Edge AI can also analyze vehicle’s sensor information in real time and can take necessary actions in case of any unwanted issue like tyre puncture,

AlphaIC’s Gluon IC can help auto OEM and Tier 1 Manufacturer have these applications at real time at low power.