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The advancement of automotive technology and the continuous increase in usage of electronics components in vehicles have resulted in vast amounts of data inside vehicles. Edge computing helps restrict the amount of data bootlegged out intelligently, which decreases the data transmission costs and the volume of raw and sensitive data leaving the vehicle.


Offer a better customer experience resulting in customer loyalty and higher sales. Reduce losses by preventing in-store theft and fraud by customers and employees. Optimize and accurate planning of workforce in different operations like cash management, in-store replenishment, fulfillment

Smart Factory

AI has enabled Industrial Robots to advance from doing pre-programmed tasks with high precision and speed to judging the nature of functions needed to be performed and doing context-aware tasks. The adoption of AI has helped manufacturing sectors.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is bringing starting developments in the surveillance industry. AI surveillance technology is spreading globally at a fast rate. Automatic detection and prediction of high-risk incidence is the major driving factor for the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence in Surveillance products.