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About AlphaICs

AlphaICs has developed a next-generation processor Real AI Processor (RAPTM), based on a proprietary architecture. The RAPTM architecture uses a specialized Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), designed for accelerating AI workloads. RAPTM is highly scalable and can be scaled for mobile devices to datacenter solutions.




Gluon AI Co-Processor

Gluon, is a 8 TOPS inference Co-Processor that is taped-out with 16 nm TSMC FF technology. Gluon is optimized for vision applications and provides best performance for image classification, face recognition, object detection and other video analytics applications.

Gluon Evaluation Board

Gluon Evaluation board is a 4-lane gen-3 PCIe card with Gluon AI Co-processor. It can be used to prototype and develop AI hardware.


Scalable Architecture
Our architecture is scalable and can produce Co-processors from 0.5 tops to 64+ Tops by increasing number of agents.
Architecture Innovation
Our architecture has many advanced architecture innovations such as layer fusion in H/W, intelligent memory access and on-chip memory optimizations that give higher utilization.
Learning Agent or Inference Agent
Each agent can be configured as learning agent or inference agents. Our architecture enables learning at the edge within constrained resources.

Institutional Investors